Salimi: Director-Actor-Stage Designer-Set/Light Choreographer

Leila: Writer-Actor-Producer

Raven: Technical Director 


The Chest of Secrets: Produced by Amir Amirsolamani & Behrooz Salimi

Written, directed and preformed by Vida Ghahremani

Music: M. Dusti

Ebi 1995, 1996 - Executive Producer: Babak Manteghi -

Written & Directed by: Behrooz Salimi - Videography & Editing: Raven Sassan

Janesheen 1992 - Playwright: Gholamhossein Saedi - Directed by: Behrooz Salimi

Oghab 1989: A team work

Shahr-e-Ghesse 1987: Playwright: Bijan Mofid - Directed by: Mahmood Ostad-Mohammad

Palang-e Nadaan 1984: Playwright: Davood Fazeli - Directed by: Behrooz Salimi

Mazie-e Baeed 2000: Playwright: Babak Manteghi, based on "Ghesseye Sheikhe Sharzeen" by permission from Mr. Bahram Bayzai - Directed by: Babak Manteghi

Babri Toofane Jangal 1983 - Made for TV: Playwright: Hossein Koohsorkhi - Directed by: Esmaeel Pour Reza

Marge yek morde 1380

Yek Tarhe Taaze 1382

Behind The Scenes

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