During the summer of 1995 Ebi graciously came to see us about a stage production for one of his concerts. To show him our capability to do a job that had not been previously done - and has still yet to be accomplished - and in view of the fact that before 1995, he did not have a music video made, we asked him to allow us to produce music videos for two of his songs. We chose “Setarehaye Sorbi” and “Akhare Ghesse”.

We finished the two music videos in autumn of 1995. The video was filmed in Quebec City , Montreal and in the outskirts of Ottawa . Ebi decided to commission more music videos for his newly released album “Setarehaye Sorbi” and his soon to be released album “Atre To”.

Ebi came to Toronto in the summer of 1996 and the result was an hour long video, comprised of nine songs from the two albums, as well as interviews with Ebi. Because of copyright complications this video was never distributed. It was a great experience for our team.



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