Shahr-e Ghesheh

In 1968, during the Shiraz Art Festival, Shahr-e-Ghesse was brought to stage for the first time. It was written and directed by Bijan Mofid; one of the most famous writers and theater directors in Iran . It became not only the winner of the festival, but also one of the most loved plays in Iranian theatre history. It was written in the form of a fairytale poem.

The late Bijan Mofid gives us a view into the play’s background: “The story line comes from Iranian folklore. Although I have tried to keep the language of the people, I have tried to show what superstitions and ignorance do to society.”

In 1987, Mahmood Ostad-Mohammad who had played the role of “Donkey” in the original play brought it to life in both Montreal and Ottawa . This play has a special place within ICAN Production as our team was introduced to each other through this project.

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