M. Salimi Leila Heidari worked for Iranian TV for several years. Her focus was on TV and stage acting for the most part, but she also did some voiceovers for a number of shows. Her work was mainly focused on the younger audience, starting with a TV puppet show called Ghesseye kerme Shabtaab “The Tale of the Glowworm” in 1982. The children TV series she was involved in are: Bachche jaan harfe madarat beshno “Listen to your mother, dear Kid!” with Akbar Abdi and Rangeen Kamaan “The Rainbow”.

In Canada, she has worked in different capacities in a variety of stage productions. Her Artistic work in Canada includes: Actor and Assistant Director in "Jasmin", a play at the Halifax International Theatre Festival in 1988, Playmaker/Actor in the play Hezar Asb “The Thousand-Horse” at the Montreal International Theatre Festival.

Since 2005 she has completed "Legend of the Amber-Stone, A Persian Faery Tale" co-written with Mr. Jonathan Butcher and is in the process of translating this book to Persian. For ICAN Production, Leila has made a variety of information clips for Hamrah, television production that has been broadcasted by Iranian TVs in North America and through Internet created by Behrooz Salimi.

Leila speaks Persian, English, Spanish, French and Kurdish and is a certified translator of English to Persian and Persian to English approved by Canadian Translators, Terminologists and Interpreters Council (CTTIC) through The Association of Translators and Interpreters of Ontario (ATIO) and as such, works for ICAN Translate a sister company to ICAN Production.
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