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Babak Manteghi was introduced to and fell in love with old Iranian literature at a very young age. However, his artistic work more specifically theatre and stage acting-- started with his performance in the Montreal and Ottawa productions of Shahre Ghesse "The Fairytale Land" in 1987. In the following years, he went on to act in several other productions such as the role of "Zahhak" in Hezar Asb “The Thousand-Horse” for the 1989 Montreal International Theater Festival and one of the main characters in Janesheen “The Successor" in 1992. One of his major accomplishments is having written and directed and produced a play called Maziye Baeed va Haale Estemrari "The Past Perfect and The Present Continuous Tense" with the permission of Bahram Beizaii, based on his play : Toomare Sheikhe Sharzeen . Throughout his years in Canada , Babak has also been able to translate into Persian some important works by philosophers and historians such as Umberto Eco, Tzvetan Todorov and Michel Foucault. However, his coup de grace as a result of years of research in the history of translation is: Yek Peeshnahade Manteghi

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