M. Salimi M. Salimi started to act and direct in high-school plays where he became lifelong friends with Davood Mirbagheri with whom he collaborated closely on numerous projects for a number of years. His professional directorial debut was a play for children called Palange Nadaan “The Ignorant leopard” in 1983.

He moved to Canada in 1989. Almost immediately, he was offered the opportunity to direct a play representing Iran in Montreal International Theatre Festival. Under his direction, the play Hezar Asb “The Thousand-Horse” was brought on stage. Since then, Behrooz has worked on many different projects throughout the years, including the very successful version of Janesheen “The Successor" as well as several music videos.

Since 2005 Behrooz has written, directed and acted in several character based episodes for Hamrah, his television production that has been broadcasted by Iranian TVs in North America and through Internet. He has been elemental to bring plays such as Sandooghche-ye Assraar “Chest of Secrets” to Richmond Hill Centre for Performing Arts as well as concerts featuring Maestros Shahram Nazeri and Abdolhossein Mokhtabad.

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