M. Salimi

Ali Shams graduated in 1994 from Azad University of Tehran, Faculty of Arts, Bachelor of Visual Communications (Graphics) with a basis in image construction and design for IBM compatible computers. Prior to graduation, he had already entered the professional market in the same field as of 1991. Since 1996, he has taken a variety of teaching positions such as Computer Graphics Instructor at the School of Visual Arts , Computer Graphics and Web Design Instructor in The Faculty of Fine Arts at Tehran University . He has also been involved in a teacher training program as an Instructor to Senior Designers at the Institute for the Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults of Iran. Ali has also worked as an Art Director and Graphic Designer in different medias. He is an avid photographer with a solo exhibitions in Azad University under his belt. He has published some books and has worked as a freelance artist with some private graphics companies. He has worked for several institutions and companies in North America , last of which was " Alternative Learning Styles and Outlook s".

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